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Bootcamp Specialist 100%
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Hanadi is the Bodylicious success story. In 2013 the mother of two began attending the Merrylands Bodylicious Bootcamp sessions in order to satisfy her thirst for fitness. This fitness fanatic was encouraged by boys to complete her Certificate 3 and 4 and become a qualified personal trainer.

Hanadi has been a qualified trainer for two and a half years now. She began teaching one session a week at the Bodylicious Bootcamp Merrylands. Hanadi’s sessions left the girls wanting more. This incrediable overwhelming feedback of Hanadi’s sessions left the boys no choice but to open up a second Bodylicious Bootcamp location at Yagoona.

Hanadi tales care of all things Bodylicious at Yagoona. She takes all classes and has built strong and lasting relationships with the ladies there. Hanadi is a passionate trainer and is immensely involved in the development of the women at Yagoona. She not only attends to aiding in physical transformation, but also psychological developments which take place.

Hanadi is deeply involved in the creation of her sessions. All sessions are different and no two sessions are ever the same.  This has enabled a shock value to her classes, which results in the Ladies wanting more. She specializes in weight training as she identifies this type of training as the creating of definition and toning.

Hanadi aims to constantly inspire women and advise them to never give up, as anything is possible. Hanadi starts and finishes all her classes with her favourite quote “Train like a beast, look like a beauty”.  Hanadi is a passionate team member of the Bodylicious Bootcamp.  Her hobbies are bike riding, dancing and the beach!